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Software Marketing - Some Useful Techniques

Software Marketing : Developing a software may be an easy task for expert and experience software developers but developing software is not enough. After developing software it is very important to let other people know about the software.

How that particular software helps other people in their work? What are the benefits of that software? After developing software you need to convince other people to use that software by promoting your software using some marketing techniques.

Below you can find some great software marketing techniques that will sure help you to promote your software:

Getting Higher Rankings On Major Search Engines
Getting higher rank on major search engines is important as it helps to increase number of visitors to your website and some of them may be your customer who can buy your software through website.

So you need to focus on some strategies given below to optimize your website to get higher rank on major search engines:

  • Using keywords with low competition but higher search volume
  • Building link popularity
  • Frequently updating or adding fresh content
  • Monitoring and analyzing incoming traffic
  • Implementing design and the usability of the website

Submitting Relevant Download Sites
Often people look for sites that offer people to directly download software from their websites. So it will be better to submit your software related page on some popular software download sites with exact keywords. It will also be useful to increase your sales as suppose your website is little new and doesn’t rank then there is a chance to get visitors to your software link through other popular download sites that are already ranked well.

Offering Free version/Free Trial OR Money Back Guarantee
When visitors looking for some products, information or service on Google, they get a lot of results and then sometime its really confusing that which one is better for their need and fulfill their need. So, if you have an option for any free version, free trial, or money back guarantee with your product or software then visitors have a chance to take a trial and also help yours visitors to believe on you.

Affiliates marketing
Affiliate marketing is really a great way to promote any kind of software, services or products online. And there a lot number of affiliates available on the web. Affiliates are people who promotes and sell your software products from their websites or blogs and in return they charge a small commission on every sale.

This is a best method because you have to pay a very little amount only when you get results. There is a wide range of affiliates and methods of Software Marketing, services or products. You can choose affiliates who have experience and websites that well designed and specially to sell software.

Pay Per Click
Major search engines place ads near search results in return they charge a small amount from advertisers and that is known as pay per click advertising. The idea behind this marketing technique is to bid for relevant "keywords" that bring pertinent results related to the product you're selling, and place your advertisement among the top of the page.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter are major players in pay per click market. This method is preferable by many people but it also have drawback of click fraud but search engines are now have advanced filters to tackle these problems.

Press Release and Newsletters
Submitting a press release for your products is great way to get attention of a lot of people towards your software at the same time. Press release is also a great way to convince people to buy your products by effectively telling them uniqueness frm other software available in the market and if in this step you succeed you will get a lot of enquires for your software and your software may become the leader.

Also have an option to subscribe a newsletter option in your website that will help you to notify your recent updation in your software and about your upcoming softwares.

Online Discussion Forums
Online discussion forums are really a free way to advertise your software. Most of online discussion forums have an option for signature links to its members. You can use these signature links to advertise or promote your software. You can add a link to your webpage that have all information about your software in your signature links with some call to action keywords and that will appear below in your each post.

The important thing with online forums is that forums have a lot of members who regular visits and posts comments and new threads and you have a great chance to let a lot of people to know about your software.

Article Submission
Articles also have a lot of importance in terms of promoting a software, product or service. Through an article you can describe about your software in detail and you can explain its importance and how to use it, precautions while using it and all that you have impressive about your software.

After writing article you can submit it to popular article submission sites like Ezinearticles, Articledashboard, Amezines, etc. and also remember to have link back to your website related to your software. It will also help your website to get rank well and increase number of visitors to your site and also number of sales of your software.

For successfully Software Marketing, you have to find the most suitable methods from above and also have a balance among them because every business is different. I hope all above methods will help you to make your software marketing successful.

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